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Fighting Fentanyl

Fentanyl Facts

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Glen Medellin, MD, is double boarded in pediatrics and palliative medicine.  He sees patients at University Hospital




Pediatrics Now Podcast host Holly Wayment talks with Glen Medillin,  a fentanyl expert at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio.  Wayment and Medillin delve into the alarming fentanyl crisis,  with a special focus on its devastating effects on children

Medellin shares staggering information about the spike in fentanyl-related deaths among children and young adults and offers important insights on how to confront this critical issue. He stresses the essential role of education about the perils of fentanyl and encourages pediatric practitioners to use specific screening tools

to assess teenagers for potential risk of substance abuse disorders.

The podcast emphasizes the role of mental health professionals and substance abuse therapy programs in supporting at-risk individuals. It also provides valuable information about resources available for affected families, including public helplines, crisis centers, and government programs.

The episode further investigates the causes of substance use disorders, particularly opioid usage, in teenagers. It highlights the potentially fatal nature of fentanyl, a synthetic opioid, due to its potency and undetectable presence. The dangers of over-the-counter medications and the importance of proper medication practices are discussed, with an emphasis on the risk of unintentional overdosing.

The conversation concludes with Dr. Medellin sharing his passion for palliative care and the importance of self-care for healthcare practitioners. His uplifting message underscores the need for a balanced life, emphasizing that despite the challenges professionals face, commitment and enthusiasm, paired with good self-care, can help them overcome any hurdles.



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