Friday May 31, 2024

Substance Use: Insights from Dr. Jennifer Sharpe Potter

Substance Use: Insights from Dr. Jennifer Sharpe Potter

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In this episode of Pediatrics Now, we are joined by Jennifer Sharpe Potter, Ph.D., M.P.H a professor of psychiatry at the University of Texas Health Science Center and director of the Be Well Institute.   Host Holly Wayment and  Potter discuss the importance of addressing substance use among pediatric patients and offers valuable advice for healthcare pediatricians and providers.

Potter emphasizes the necessity for pediatricians to screen for substance use, even in young children, and highlights the increasing prevalence of early exposure to drugs and alcohol. She provides practical tips for initiating conversations with patients and their families about substance use, breaking down the stigma associated with it.

We delve into the challenges of treating substance use disorders, the misconceptions about marijuana, and the dangers of fentanyl-laced medications. Dr. Potter also shares information about the resources available through the Be Well Texas Institute and other state initiatives to support patients and families dealing with substance use disorders.

Don't miss this insightful episode that aims to empower pediatric practitioners with the knowledge and tools to better manage substance use issues in their practice.

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