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A Crash Course in Concussions 🤕

A Crash Course in Concussions

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Join us for an enlightening episode featuring Dr. Kenneth Nwosa, a distinguished sports medicine specialist, and head doctor for the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) Athletics. Dr. Nwosa shares his journey into sports medicine and provides rich insights from his diverse experience treating a wide range of patients. This episode comprehensively covers crucial aspects of concussions in contact sports, with Dr. Nwosa presenting data, highlighting common symptoms, and underlining the importance of recognition and adherence to sports-specific protocol.

Dr. Nwosa also shares his diagnosis strategy and the crucial role history-taking plays in accurate diagnosis. He emphasizes the significance of routine baseline screenings for concussion management and offers advice on effective utilization of online resources for cognitive function assessments. This episode especially equips pediatric practitioners with critical knowledge about red flags of head injuries requiring immediate evaluation. The emphasis is also on the need for an on-site athletic trainer in sports institutions for immediate attention to injuries and better communication among parents, coaches, and medical professionals.

The conversation goes beyond concussions, shedding light on the pressures faced by young athletes, the dangers of sports specialization, and the benefits of participating in varied sports. Dr. Nwosa promotes a balanced approach to children's sports experience, focusing on educating about bodily development and injury prevention rather than stressing professional anticipation. As a sports medicine specialist, Dr. Ken highlights the importance of comprehensive neuro exams for monitoring brain health post-concussion and offers practical tips on rest, recovery, and supplement use.

Listen in for Dr. Ken's unique take on balancing a demanding career in sports medicine with fatherhood. As a bonus, Dr. Ken shares his favourite Bible quote that motivates him to embrace discipline and determination, both in his practice and personal life.

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