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Staying Ahead of Headaches

Staying Ahead of Headaches

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 'Pediatrics Now',  welcomes Dr. Azra Akbar, a new member of our pediatric neurology team.  Our insightful discussion covers the much-encountered issue of headaches in children, giving a detailed overview of triggers, treatments and preventive methods for migraines. Dr. Akbar's personal experiences with migraines and her passion for the subject benefits us greatly in this discussion.

We delve into different migraine triggers and how they manifest in various symptoms. As a pediatric neurologist, Dr. Akbar also advises on when certain warning signs could indicate serious conditions.  Furthermore, we look into successful treatments and medications such as beta blockers, Topamax, and Botox, alongside alternative methods such as acupuncture and lifestyle modifications.

Dr. Akbar shares her empathetic approach to patient care and self-care, derived from her personal migraine experiences and her journey in the medical field. We also touch on the significance of balancing a healthy diet, the risk of medication overuse, the importance of good sleep patterns, and the crucial role of parental collaboration in managing children's health.

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